SureFit Coils

Coils are the most sensitive part

No matter what the brand of your equipment is, the most likely point of failure will be the heat exchangers, such as water coils or steam coils, situated indoors or outdoors.
Coils lifetime is limited by nature. By necessity, they are constructed with thin metals for efficient heat transfer. These metals are under constant attack on the inside and outside by contaminants, the environment and the stress of continuous heat/cool cycles.

The most common failure mode is a coil leak, shutting down your HVAC system and possibly your site operation. But long before a leak develops, your system is likely to suffer a gradual loss of performance accompanied by a gradual increase in energy consumption.

Coil replacement is the most cost effective way to:

  • Avoid unscheduled breakdowns
  • Reduce unscheduled maintenance costs
  • Restore your HVAC performance to “as new” standards
  • Regain system efficiency to cut energy costs

High-quality coils

Trane’s expertise and attention to detail will ensure your SureFit replacement coils fit your application perfectly and perform as promised. Peace of mind comes from the assurance of years of trouble-free operation.

Coils for any application, equipment or brand

Regardless of your equipment’s manufacturer, you can rely on Trane to provide a replacement that will improve efficiency, reduce energy costs and get your system up and running fast.

Pease fill in the pdf with your detailed specifications and send to your nearest Trane sales office for more information or a quotation.