Trane SelectTM Agreements

Comprehensive service agreements for HVAC systems

Customer benefits

Reduced operating costs

  • Scheduled maintenance guarantees optimal operation of your HVAC system, plus energy savings of up to 12%.
  • Your equipment will be regularly inspected and benefit from preventive maintenance and correct settings. Any potential problem will be corrected before anyone in your building becomes aware of it.
  • When you choose your level of coverage, you know exactly what services and parts are covered. No surprises when it comes to making expenses.


Complete peace of mind

Trane anticipates your needs.


Main features

Thanks to our extended programs, Trane is your ideal provider of service solutions to protect your investment in your HVAC system. The Trane SelectTM agreements are designed to match the needs of your HVAC system to the demands of your business. They offer four levels of coverage, ranging from preventive maintenance programs to complete maintenance solutions.

As your preferred service provider, we can stay one step ahead of your needs and bring you complete peace of mind.