Trane Building Advantage

Sustainability. Realized.

Customer benefits

Your building and its HVAC system represent one of your organization’s most significant capital investments. On the operating side, 40 to 60% of your total energy budget goes into running your chiller plant.

Our mission with Trane Building Advantage is clear: to bring you the services, tools, equipment and expertise to transform your building in terms of cost, performance and positive environmental impact.

Main features

The suite of chiller enhancement solutions we call Trane Building Advantage has been developed to deliver results at all facility levels, improving building operation through HVAC equipment and plant actions.

Trane Building Advantage will transform your HVAC system into strategic business advantages:

  • Reliability: Knowing your system can be depended upon
  • Efficiency: Unlocking your hidden cost savings
  • Environment: Managing a plant that is good for your people, good for the earth.

To respond to your objectives, Trane Building Advantage offers three strategies supported by a range of solutions:

  • Analyze: Extract key data from your system and use it to make informed decisions
  • Optimize: Achieve optimum operation of your existing equipment
  • Modernize: Use targeted interventions with the latest technology to update part or all of your system.

Whether your building is new, midlife or older, chances are it is not operating to its full potential. The smart decision right now is to contact your local Trane representative about Trane Building Advantage – and let us transform your asset.