Chiller Health Check Program

Customer benefits

Reliable, efficient performance and lower operational costs are directly linked to how your Trane chiller is maintained. The Trane Chiller Health Check Program is a step-by-step evaluation of the current performance status of your equipment. With the right information to hand, your Trane service expert will analyze the current status and provide you with a detailed report and suggestions for chiller performance enhancement.

Main features

Trane offers either a basic or comprehensive program.

Both programs include an oil sample analysis in a laboratory to evaluate the presence of wear on the components and compare the current oil parameters to original specifications. The comprehensive program includes the eddy current and vibration analyses to verify the internal condition of the heat exchanger tube and the compressor respectively. The additional thermographic inspection provides immediate status of the electrical panel.

Any signs of deterioration will be noted during the different inspections. Your Trane expert will be able to suggest the best solution to fix any issues and quickly restore your Trane chiller to optimal operating conditions.