Trane Controls Services

Comprehensive service contracts for building controls systems

Customer benefits: Maintaining 100% fitness

  • Contain operational costs
  • Ensure system reliability
  • Avoid waste and losses
  • Comply with environmental regulations
  • Gain the needed peace of mind to focus on your core business or activity

Regular controls servicing results in continuous comfort for the occupants, and the lowest possible operating and maintenance costs. By regularly monitoring and adjusting your existing controls system Trane will also enable you to operate without emergency failures.
Trane has the expertise to optimize the safety, comfort, and efficiency of all the mechanical and electronic components of your HVAC system.
We can help you manage your building systems to ensure their optimum operation. With a Trane Controls Service plan, each passing minute generates energy savings and improves your cost of ownership.

Main features

Your building is a complex, interrelated set of systems. Over time lots of small changes can cause major shifts in comfort, efficiency and safety levels. Trane maintenance for building controls systems is your strategy to keep everything optimized.

Our trained specialists can advise you on what impact any change may have. They can also monitor your system and identify clues, such as a 1oC deviation as being caused by a 10% leakage elsewhere in the system. Most importantly, our engineers will treat your building controls system as an integrated whole and when changes are necessary they will take appropriate programming actions to ensure there are no negative effects elsewhere in the system.