Trane Academy

Become an expert: Expertise within your reach

In response to our customers’ needs, Trane Academy offers modular and progressive courses that cover every aspect of air conditioning and refrigeration.

The subjects covered range from high-capacity liquid chillers to low-capacity air conditioning systems, plus air handling systems and terminals.

There is a clear focus on regulation, new technologies and equipement operation. Made-to-measure courses can be designed on demand in addition to the sessions available in our yearly calendar. In this case, the location is selected in order to provide the means required, either on site at the Trane Academy on the production site or on jobsite.

Trane Academy is located close to the production sites, test labs and design offices, which means that it benefits from the skills and experience of our engineers tasked with developing and monitoring our units.

All the courses are permanently updated and supplemented by practical exercises on products and simulators. Extensive training resources are available to trainees in order to quickly learn all the technologies that are a part of our business. Courses and tests are run by a team of permanent staff members.

Trainees receive complete documentation at the start of the courses.

A certificate is awarded at the end of each course. Our organisation is officially registered, so all our courses qualify for further training programs.

Trane Academy