Trane Controls

Trane offers a complete control solutions portfolio from sensors and equipment controls to industry leading building automation systems.

Because of their open architecture, Trane controls integrate seamlessly with LonTalk®, BACnet®, Modbus® and Trane legacy protocols.

Trane web-enabled interfaces provide full visibility of system performance on any connected devices such as smartphones, tablets or workstations. Full remote control over building systems is now a reality.

Trane has leveraged its considerable expertise to develop a suite of advanced Chiller Plant Controls. In addition, expert advice is available to select, design and operate the ideal system to meet a building’s specific HVAC requirements.

Building automation systems do not have to be complex to be effective. Typically a building automation system that is complex to use seldom achieves the energy and operational efficiencies as the capabilities of the systems are not fully utilized. Trane’s Building Management System (BMS) only requires limited settings with predefined functions such as time-of-day schedule, automatic set point reset, zone management or alarms menu.
Buildings often require rearrangement of their internal space. Trane’s highly flexible system is simple to reconfigure and customize in order to match the evolving needs of the occupants.

Project management

Trane can take responsibility for the delivery of the complete BMS to meet the project requirements.

Trane personnel are experts in the efficient design, installation and commissioning of the entire HVAC system and can also provide ongoing maintenance services.

Contact your nearest Trane sales office to renew your building controls. Also find out more about our parts offering in controls electrical.