Refrigerant management is key to ensuring environmental compliance and maximizing your HVAC system efficiency.

Trane has always led the market with proactive initiatives when it comes to international environmental regulations. Our highly qualified professionals will provide expert advice, rapid implementation, and minimal disruption in all management solutions.

Leak testing

Trane offers tailored leak testing equipment and procedure to identify any refrigerant leak.

Leak testing benefits:

  • Environmental responsibility. Quick detection of a leak prevents more refrigerant loss
  • Compliance with local laws and regulations
  • Risk reduction of costly breakdowns
  • Downtime minimization

Trane refrigerant monitors offer:

  • Mono- and multi-fluid detection
  • Visual and audible alerts
  • Possibility of using remote controlled alarm relays

The environmental benefits, operational improvements, and compliance with national and local regulations make it worth investing in regular leak testing.

2015 F-gas regulation highlights

  • From January 1, 2015 in EU, equipment charged with HCFC will only be rechargeable with refrigerant extracted from the same equipment.
  • Scaling down of HFC production starting 2016, targeting an 80% reduction by 2030
  • Modification of leak detection routines now based on CO2 equivalent charge
  • Strong emphasis on following the correct service procedure for refrigeration systems:
    • Leak inspections of installed equipment
    • Refrigerant recovery
    • Training and certification of service technicians.

Refrigerant retrofit

If your facility is running R-22 equipment, immediate action to convert to a non-HCFC refrigerant is required.

Failure to do so is likely to result in:

  • Costly emergency solutions
  • Unplanned, extended downtime
  • Legal action and penalties
  • Negative publicity and damage to your company image.

Trane refrigerant retrofit solutions include a comprehensive refrigerant compatibility service consisting of materials, engineering analysis and technical support.

Contact your nearest Trane sales office. A Trane service expert will listen to your refrigerant management concerns and offer the solution best suited to your HVAC installation and objectives.